Being a working parent who works with 30 odd other parents, how on earth can we fit our leave into a 6 week period, they will end up not employing mums....... this country is becoming so dictatorial. Corrina B.


Over the last year or so, a core group of parents from around the country who have been very active in campaigning on the ban on mid-term holidays have come together to form “Parents Want a Say”.

We know we’re the tip of the iceberg and that hundreds of thousands of parents, grandparents, pupils, even teachers and headteachers around the country want to see the school holiday policy changed.

There are many groups and individuals around the country campaigning on this issue. We believe we will be stronger together – Parents Want a Say is there to provide a single clear and loud voice.

We know if we want to see the attendance policy rules changed, we need to do more: we need to provide evidence, analyse statistics, mount legal challenges and collect and understand vast amounts of information from parents and local authorities around the country. We need to be talking to groups and individuals in the government and the teaching establishment to persuade them of the merits of our case.

We need to be able to meet to plan our campaign and we need to be able to hire expertise where we don’t have it.

We’d like to provide support for all parents who want to challenge the choices being made for them in education. We’d like to start that by developing our website further.

When we’ve achieved our initial goal of reversing the attendance policy, we want to leave a long term legacy, an organisation which champions the voices of parents and pupils in education so that never again will the government think it can make choices about our families without our consent.

It’s ambitious but we believe we can all do it together. All of these things cost money – from the cost of travelling to meetings to legal bills and website costs and we’re none of us rich!!

We are challenging a government. It’s not an easy thing to do from kitchen tables with no budget. We need proper funding if we are to stand a chance.

So please – if you want to help, please donate today, no amount is too small.

All accounts will be published.

We thank you in advance for your support and promise you that any donation is gratefully received and will be spent solely on efforts to reverse this law. It is something we all feel very strongly about.