Being a working parent who works with 30 odd other parents, how on earth can we fit our leave into a 6 week period, they will end up not employing mums....... this country is becoming so dictatorial. Corrina B.

  • Are we unnecessarily alienating parents?

    Having just received a penalty notice for taking my children away during term time I am left to ponder the whole ridiculousness of the situation as it stands: there have been numerous articles about a whole cross section of people having been fined under the all illusive all-inclusive S444 of the Education Act 1996: on… Read more »

  • Action Day – Example Letter to MP

    PWAS Action Day is Tomorrow – November 20th 2015. One of the things that we thought people could do was to email or write to there MP’s tomorrow so to help with this below is a link to a suggested letter. Where possible please make the letter your own by adding in things as to… Read more »

  • Two Different Scenarios

    This September brings me two different scenarios.  The first is my Son entering his last year at High School.  The second is my daughter starting her new academic year. Son: The stark reality of my son entering year 11.  In reality the last ten months of School based education…but legally the last eleven months!  He… Read more »

  • School Truancy Is Unfairly Criminalising Families Across England

    The crackdown on school term time absence is seriously hurting parents and pupils across England, say campaign group Parents Want a Say (PWAS). Recent figures obtained through a freedom of information request show a rise in the number of parents being taken to court in England for school truancy. Since 2013 there rules on term… Read more »

  • I’m going on holiday!

    I’ve booked a late holiday! I saved up and finally got to that magic figure that tells you you can starting looking. I looked and looked, everything came up too expensive. Maybe I would have to wait after all …. But then after going to a travel agent and finding a holiday that I could… Read more »

  • Pembrokeshire Parents Want A Say Appears Before Welsh Assembly Petitions Committee

    Pembrokeshire Parents Want A Say were invited to the Senedd in Cardiff on July 14th to discuss the impact of term time holiday bans on children and families in Wales with the National Assembly Petitions Committee[1]. Many Welsh local authorities are attempting to introduce local bans and restrictions on term time holidays even though Welsh… Read more »

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