Being a working parent who works with 30 odd other parents, how on earth can we fit our leave into a 6 week period, they will end up not employing mums....... this country is becoming so dictatorial. Corrina B.

About Us

Parents Want a Say first began from an online petition on the website 38 Degrees which gathered over 200,000 signatures by Craig Langman. The campaign has continued to gather further support and media attention as more and more families experience the emotional and financial distress that this policy is causing – with dozens of parents having now incurred fines or are facing fines for taking their children on holiday during term time. After the petition Craig Langman met up with Karen Wilkinson who wanted to help. In March 2014 they met up with other like minded individuals to form the group.

In additional to campaigning for a reversal of the school attendance policy we also intend to help bridge the ever increasing gap that has become transparent between parents and teachers by provide information and working with the education system to enable practical long-term solutions to problems.

Parents What a Say is not a political based group and we are not aligned to any particular political party. All we want is the best education for our kids and education is not limited to the classroom.

Below is a list of people currently volunteering in Parents Want A Say.

Craig Langman

Parents Want A Say are currently looking for other like minded people who feel passionate about changing this policy by fighting, to get in touch by filling in a message to us via our Contact Us page. All skills needed, all people from all walks of life. Even if you can only spare a small amount of your time, any help you can offer is appreciated.

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