Being a working parent who works with 30 odd other parents, how on earth can we fit our leave into a 6 week period, they will end up not employing mums....... this country is becoming so dictatorial. Corrina B.

A Vote in Parliament? Only with your help!

Earlier this year your emails to your MP helped us to get one of the
most well-attended debates in Westminster Hall. This time we are trying
to get a debate in the main House of Commons, with a vote at the end to
ask the Government to reverse the changes to school attendance policy.

To do this our Chair John Hemming MP submitted what is called an “Early
Day Motion” (EDM) to Parliament. You can find it here – it’s
number 260 on that page – which will give you an idea of the competition
we’re facing!

To be honest, it’s pretty rare for an EDM to get debated so we need an
all out push on this – we need so many MPs to sign that the pressure on
the Government to allow the debate is overwhelming.

So please help by asking your MP to sign John Hemming’s EDM & ask your
friends and family to do the same.

Even if we don’t manage to get a debate, this will help us to identify
those MPs who are willing to support us and those who aren’t. A well
supported EDM will also increase the campaign’s chances of getting in to
talk to the new Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan.

If your MP is a member of the Government (a Minister or Private
Parliamentary Secretary for instance) they won’t be able to sign the EDM
but they will be able to voice your concerns to their colleagues in
Government and report how much support for it they’ve received.

The most powerful weapon we have is you, the voter. Please tell your MP
why *you* want to see this rule changed. It’s people’s own stories they
listen to most.

If you don’t know who your MP is, you can search here:

Please tweet/share/forward this email to all your friends and family –
we need to show parent (& grandparent/aunt/uncle/etc!)power in action.

Thank you!

Karen, for the Parents Want a Say team